Sustainability Policy

We are a company connected with the environment, always looking for adaptability and sustainability, developing actions that allow us to be positive actors and influencers in the environment, we focus on encouraging our guest to have a sustainable tourism capable of admiring natural wonders responsibly. That is why we are committed to carrying out our operations based on criteria of sustainability tourism, promoting the health of the natural, cultural and socio-economic environment, properly using our resources, safeguarding them for new generations.


  1. Awareness, participation and development of our sustainability policy.
  2. Provide a high-quality service to tourists and invite them to participate in actions in favor of the protection of natural resources.
  3. Implement the measures described in this plan to save water, energy and reduce pollution.
  4. Collaborate with the preservation of national identity, by favoring local suppliers of responsible goods and services, stimulating the conservation of traditions, as well as promoting the good values that characterize Costa Rican culture.
  5. Create a healthy work environment for the company’s employees.
  6. Improve the competitiveness and image of the company through the protection of the natural environment and water-energy saving initiatives.
  7. Inform our business partners about our sustainability policies.

Ten recommendations for sustainable tourism

  1. When planning your trip, choose those suppliers that offer you guarantees of quality, respect for human rights and the environment.
  2. Look for information about the place you will visit.
  3. Use natural resources sparingly.
  4. Minimize waste generation.
  5. If you visit a national park, zoo or somewhere where animals live and want to take pictures do it without the flash.
  6. If you visit sensitive ecosystems, such as coral reefs or jungles, find out how to do so to cause the least possible impact and not degrade them.
  7. When buying gifts and souvenirs look for products that are an expression of the local culture. It will favor the economy of the peoples that welcome it and cultural diversity.
  8. Do not purchase wild flora and fauna or products derived from these species.
  9. In your destination enjoy getting to know the culture, customs, gastronomy and traditions of the local populations.
  10. Try to contribute with your presence to the development of responsible and sustainable tourism, building with your trip a healthier and more supportive planet.

May your steps leave positive traces!