Health and Hygiene – Salud e higiene

Dear Guest

Costa Rica is working hard at keeping the virus spread under control. Here at Casa Donna Rosa B&B we have always had high cleaning standards, but now we are even paying more attention to details. We make sure that all procedures are follow to the rules and adding more detailed disinfecting procedures to keep your health and ours safe.


  1. For guest staying more than two nights: If you need fresh towels, please place the dirty towels in the laundry bag (provided), and place them outside your room door, we will collect them and properly wash towels and the bag. We will provide fresh towels in a new laundry bag.
  2. Linens are replaced for guest that are staying 4 nights or more, we can replace them sooner or not at all at your request. For changing the linens, we will have to enter the room, taking all the necessary precautions.
  3. We do not provide in-room daily housekeeping, unless requested, following all the proper guidelines.
  4. We are providing gel alcohol in your room for your use, but please remember that it does not replace the washing of your hands with soap regularly.


  1. We will do our best to have all check-in info prior to your arrival, also to serve you better, we will appreciate if you can provide us with your estimated time of arrival.
  2. Payments, all payments can be done via credit card, PayPal, or for nationals via SINPE Movil or electronic transfer.
  3. For your security and our team, we will be taking the temperature of all guest at time of check-in.
  4. Following guidelines by the Ministry of Health and ICT, we will keep log records, with your name, date of arrival, date of departure, temperature, email, and phone number.

Common area cleaning

  1. Following the Ministry of Health protocols/guidelines, we will be implementing routine disinfecting of highly touched areas, such, doorknobs, handrails, desk, counters, doors, chairs, faucets. This will be done at least 3 times a day.
  2. We will have 96% alcohol spray for you to use while in common areas, as well as wipes with 96% alcohol for you to clean electronics or other things you bring into the common areas, for your safety and ours we encourage you to do so.

General rules & Recycle.

  1. Please turn Air Conditioning off when you leave your room to do your daily activities.
  2. NO SMOKING in the rooms or common areas at all. Since smoke travels quickly, we ask you, not to smoke on the balcony, patio, or terrace, please do in the street side, outside.
  3. If you have plastic bottles, aluminum, glass or carboard for recycle, we do have a bin located in the common area by the kitchen, where you can deposit your recyclables. Feel free to leave them in your room, and we will take care of it after you have checked out.
  4. If you have compost waste, food, fruit, etc., please deposit such on the small metal container located in the patio area by the kitchen.

For peace of mind, and in response to Covid-19 these are the procedures how our rooms are cleaned, after your departure and before your arrival, for your health and safety of guest and employees.

Cleaning & disinfecting guidelines for rooms

Remove all bed lines and bathroom towels and place them in the basket for proper washing and disinfecting.

Complete and deep general cleaning of the room including bathroom. Tables, lamps, frames, flower base, chairs.

Disinfect all handles, light switches, outlets, remote controls, faucets, mini fridge, glasses, hair dryer.

Spray curtains.

All floors are cleaned with a mix solution of bleach/water according to the recommendation of the Health Ministry.

Dress beds and fix bathroom with final touches.

Spray the whole room with 96% alcohol one last time, when everything is ready before closing the door and leave the room ready for the next guest.